Exposing My Boxing Opponent

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FaZe Jarvis tricks his boxing opponent Michael Le a.k.a. justmaiko into a phone call where he exposes his true colors featuring @TeaWap @FaZe Kay

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📸 Instagram: @fazejarvis
🐦 Twitter: @liljarviss

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    преди 25 минути

    You was on my 9th and Micheal was 5th Now your not 9 YOUR LAST NA JUST KIDDING STILL 9 :)

  2. Selim Shafie
    Selim Shafie
    преди час

    Jarvis won

  3. rolbox games
    rolbox games
    преди 4 часа

    I can do you have no friends for me booze and Max I will do ride it up to the ekids I can come in the afternoon to pick it off

  4. rolbox games
    rolbox games
    преди 4 часа


  5. Mason Myers
    Mason Myers
    преди 5 часа

    I made this comment late I loved your knockout

  6. Mason Myers
    Mason Myers
    преди 5 часа

    I made this comment late I loved your knockout

  7. Swaraj Bhuse
    Swaraj Bhuse
    преди 8 часа


  8. Poncho Quesada
    Poncho Quesada
    преди 12 часа

    Why didn’t danny Duncan ever fight ?

  9. Ozias Brewster
    Ozias Brewster
    преди 13 часа

    When youtube win their should delete tiktok

  10. Andrew LOL
    Andrew LOL
    преди 15 часа

    Cre.. gg

  11. Cringy Kid86
    Cringy Kid86
    преди 19 часа

    Kay know it

  12. Christian Lynn
    Christian Lynn
    преди 22 часа

    I feel bad for le now

  13. X inkarnid
    X inkarnid
    преди 23 часа


  14. yousef alsaeedi
    yousef alsaeedi
    преди ден

    epic akas_2

  15. yousef alsaeedi
    yousef alsaeedi
    преди ден

    yooo faze sway im a big fan reply plzz

  16. Tristan Morgan
    Tristan Morgan
    преди ден

    👀 tea ☕👌

  17. Edwin Zambrano
    Edwin Zambrano
    преди ден

    Kay predected the future

  18. Anaiah CAT AT
    Anaiah CAT AT
    преди ден

    Who is michael lee dating

  19. 4u3t1n Chen
    4u3t1n Chen
    преди ден

    Omg my name is Austin

  20. シEzbib
    преди ден

    Let’s go team yt 😮‍💨👌 Team tik tok 🏳️‍🌈🤡

  21. dromsk_bot
    преди ден

    Who else saw him win

  22. Jon Shehu
    Jon Shehu
    преди ден

    Congrats on the win

  23. Keith Moo Yew Han
    Keith Moo Yew Han
    преди ден

    Imagine at one point all the tiktokers vs youtubers have big fight and charge at one's

  24. BenPlayZ _Games
    BenPlayZ _Games
    преди ден

    Jarvis just showed me the hole video about the fight

  25. Christine Bianca C. Erejer
    Christine Bianca C. Erejer
    преди 2 дни

    Wtf?! What the hell did u do on michael dude? He's just hiding anything about him , and now? It's trending he's secrets on social media's for sure!. Ur such a dumbass bro , it's not funny at all :/.

    1. 0
      преди 2 дни

      Its funny tho

  26. AaravM17
    преди 2 дни

    Who’s here after Jarvis knocked him out

  27. baDCoMIcS HD
    baDCoMIcS HD
    преди 2 дни

    He killed le like he got him banned

  28. AL Gᴇʀsɪ
    AL Gᴇʀsɪ
    преди 2 дни

    have you guys seen that when Michael Le lost he hasnt uploaded since a while .Maybe Jarvis did mental damage on him 😜😂😂😂

  29. Kavita Bhatt
    Kavita Bhatt
    преди 2 дни


  30. Kavita Bhatt
    Kavita Bhatt
    преди 2 дни

    I mean qm

  31. Kavita Bhatt
    Kavita Bhatt
    преди 2 дни

    I qm on youtube side

    преди 2 дни

    4:42 it a movie with action Jarvis u got dis

  33. Airiel Danial
    Airiel Danial
    преди 2 дни

    I don't like jarvis and Michael but this is hilarious

  34. Anakin Skywalker
    Anakin Skywalker
    преди 2 дни

    You on BGglobal side of ticktock I’m on BGglobal

  35. Black Frying Pan
    Black Frying Pan
    преди 2 дни

    youtube side ✋

  36. alana Karijoredjo
    alana Karijoredjo
    преди 2 дни

    So u whon u didnt have 2 expose a private conforsation

  37. alana Karijoredjo
    alana Karijoredjo
    преди 2 дни

    Nah i whon congrats

  38. Edgar Mateo
    Edgar Mateo
    преди 2 дни


  39. WhatTheHonkGoose52
    преди 2 дни

    logan ganna be crushing every single tiktoker

  40. WhatTheHonkGoose52
    преди 2 дни

    ima go tell tik tok somthin

  41. Landon Hiranthom
    Landon Hiranthom
    преди 2 дни

    He dm youbruh he try to talk shit

  42. Shea Willy
    Shea Willy
    преди 2 дни

    I like michale

  43. Tank Gotahit
    Tank Gotahit
    преди 2 дни

    R.I.P Micheal Le

  44. Omar Nafady
    Omar Nafady
    преди 2 дни

    Team youtube you know you know the gold spaz 200 pump

  45. Aidan.
    преди 2 дни

    Austin ur getting yo beat by a tt at the game: laughing

  46. Kevin Huynh
    Kevin Huynh
    преди 2 дни

    Michael Lee is more better than you haha haha

  47. SwAg Chris
    SwAg Chris
    преди 2 дни

    Faze Jarvis is a GOAT 🐐

  48. 0ZeroTwo2 S2 (Billatz)
    0ZeroTwo2 S2 (Billatz)
    преди 3 дни

    Jarvis gg

  49. Winter Butter
    Winter Butter
    преди 3 дни

    Worst member of faze right here

  50. Slay3rWolf
    преди 3 дни

    Michael seems like a good guy tho 😂

  51. Scelo Khunou
    Scelo Khunou
    преди 3 дни


  52. Shiv
    преди 3 дни

    too the people who already saw michael get O,O

  53. LancyLott
    преди 3 дни

    Michael is being nice and you guys out being an a**.

  54. Riley Dominguez
    Riley Dominguez
    преди 3 дни

    Plot twist this video was the beef😳

  55. Tanjiro Kamodo
    Tanjiro Kamodo
    преди 3 дни

    Why is Austin from adam family fighting????

  56. Tanjiro Kamodo
    Tanjiro Kamodo
    преди 3 дни

    Well I wish him and jakepaul would had fighted I mean like they have no reason to fight tho but I think jakepaul would have won against jarvis but jarvis you are kinda talented but if you go against ksi bro pls just knock the h*ll outta him

  57. KK Adventure’s
    KK Adventure’s
    преди 3 дни

    Honestly your a bad friend for exposing a friend

    1. Xolix
      преди 3 дни

      Shut up Jarvis is a legend and if you watched the video of faze Jarvis and Michael le p, Michael le was talking shit and than got no the fuck out of

  58. victoria Mitchell
    victoria Mitchell
    преди 3 дни

    What they should do next is spice king and Ramirez ( idk )

  59. Rashad EMO
    Rashad EMO
    преди 3 дни

    It feels Like Michael Didn't want to fight *-My Dumb-ass Realizing that he didn't want to fight-*

  60. Blazing
    преди 3 дни

    honestly im kinda a fan of Jarvis and all but after watching this video, I starting to think that Jarvis is kinda messed up for doing this.

  61. Maddox Ulmer
    Maddox Ulmer
    преди 3 дни

    Jesus loves u

  62. ayan zahid
    ayan zahid
    преди 3 дни


  63. Mohammed İbrahim
    Mohammed İbrahim
    преди 3 дни

    Lets fight

  64. k-i-n-g o-f r-o-b-l-o-x
    k-i-n-g o-f r-o-b-l-o-x
    преди 3 дни

    You win 🏆💪

  65. ASTR0
    преди 3 дни

    This is why I hate Jarvis he’s so stuck up and not everyone is the same like stop? Everyone has feelings, I hope you fall in a pool with no escape

  66. Game with Emerson
    Game with Emerson
    преди 3 дни

    You won

  67. Ananya Arya
    Ananya Arya
    преди 3 дни

    who's here after Faze Jarvis demolished Michael Le in the ring? Jarvis you really are a Boxing Beast

  68. Caleb Kessinger
    Caleb Kessinger
    преди 3 дни

    Tiktokers talk a lot of crap for almost all of them losing😂🤌

  69. Eli Noriega
    Eli Noriega
    преди 3 дни

    He’s was training for new ticktok dances

  70. A Y
    A Y
    преди 3 дни

    "I keep my relationship private" Jarvis- well now it's not

  71. sweaq wesaq
    sweaq wesaq
    преди 3 дни

    The dynamic ornament probably receive because medicine extracellularly stroke before a abundant jasmine. waggish, macabre trowel

  72. Arquel Cudia
    Arquel Cudia
    преди 3 дни

    I just saw this video after the match. FaZe Up Jarvis!!!

  73. Dofu ay лол
    Dofu ay лол
    преди 3 дни

    I can’t tell if they were for real friendly to Michael or just faking.

  74. KB_TREY
    преди 3 дни


  75. Brantley Boyd
    Brantley Boyd
    преди 4 дни

    FaZe Jarvis and the face Williams such a big fan

  76. Brantley Boyd
    Brantley Boyd
    преди 4 дни

    Hey baby Jarvis I wish you want in band of fortnite so we can play together and clap some b words

  77. SliceyAsian
    преди 4 дни

    Imagine if KSI was in youtubers team and was against micheal lee 😨 Micheal couldnt upload then

  78. Sk1ppy
    преди 4 дни

    0:51 hypocrite 😂

  79. Mir Boss
    Mir Boss
    преди 4 дни

    Bro now look you killed it

  80. damkeles
    преди 4 дни

    the tiktok guy is bad lol

  81. Reezzy Verk
    Reezzy Verk
    преди 4 дни

    Michael lee can actually help him gain his utube channel grow but it is what it is

  82. Plz complement me
    Plz complement me
    преди 4 дни

    Michelle Le LITERALLY got beef did you guys see that knock out

  83. red fang
    red fang
    преди 4 дни


  84. mohammad arshan saidur rahman
    mohammad arshan saidur rahman
    преди 4 дни

    lol hypocrip lost

  85. Kyle Elisczar E. Linsao
    Kyle Elisczar E. Linsao
    преди 4 дни

    google is the reperielol

  86. ZK7
    преди 4 дни

    Bryce got shat on and WELL DONE JARVIS!!!

  87. Kevin Kothari
    Kevin Kothari
    преди 4 дни

    Definitely a hippocrip

  88. Pressed1 Z
    Pressed1 Z
    преди 4 дни


  89. Emilio Solano
    Emilio Solano
    преди 4 дни

    Le got knocked tf out

  90. gotowwwDannyDuncan69com
    преди 4 дни

    When i saw danny Duncan i was like oh shiit he on there

  91. Iamgannagotoyourhouseatnight W
    Iamgannagotoyourhouseatnight W
    преди 4 дни

    He really didn't want Beef lol poor guy I love ur channel but nah fan honestly should have left him alone

  92. Samantha Valadez
    Samantha Valadez
    преди 4 дни


  93. Niyah Tv
    Niyah Tv
    преди 4 дни

    Why are they fighting tho?Whats the beef?

  94. Jason Gonzalez
    Jason Gonzalez
    преди 4 дни

    I hate Faze Jarvis I like Michael le

  95. Brayden Hoffman
    Brayden Hoffman
    преди 4 дни


  96. rybob priest
    rybob priest
    преди 4 дни

    The pumped atom concordingly tremble because swing logically kill on a physical xylophone. tight, absent layer

  97. Freezie2Cold
    преди 4 дни

    U can’t be this down bad

  98. v j
    v j
    преди 4 дни

    Hold up............ So this guy says he wants attention and yall saying u feel bad nah

  99. gaming gar yay
    gaming gar yay
    преди 4 дни

    You won🐄🙂🙂

  100. Owen
    преди 4 дни

    He is not just a hypocrite he is two faced